The blend of history and future-ready innovation on the banks of the Arabian Sea.

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Why choose IndiQube?

Book space as per need with the flexibility of planning on the go.

A customized coworking space that fits teams of every size.

Awesome managed workspace that fits your pocket and also meets your expectations.

Features you get with IndiQube’s coworking space in Kochi

Talent Centric Location
IndiQube’s coworking space is located in the prime neighbourhood of Kochi Info Park

Space That Fits You
Get customized, on-demand office space that fits your current headcount

Superior Service
A seamless coworking experience designed to make your life easy

Exhibit Your Brand
Design office space that reflects your company identity and culture

Reach Office At Ease
Smart transportation for enhanced connectivity

Future Focussed Workspace
Create a workspace that promotes the innovative ideas

Blend of heritage and break-out innovation: IndiQube’s coworking space in Kochi

Known as the gateway of Kerala, the port city on the banks of the Arabian sea is an emerging corporate hub in Southern India. For some, the city has its root in the tales of history and heritage and for some, it is an emerging place to work in. The city is home to many innovative companies that are making their mark in the corporate world. The shift in the corporate landscape has put a spotlight on Kochi, which has emerged as one of the most alluring cities for companies to expand in and leverage the talent pool in the city. IndiQube coworking space in Kochi is aimed to be a partner for companies who look to expand their physical footprint in the city with a coworking space that depicts the uniqueness of the brand.

What to expect with IndiQube’s coworking space in Kochi?

IndiQube’s shared office space in Kochi is an amalgamation of the rich local culture and IndiQube’s pathbreaking design ideas. The city which finds its mention in numerous tales of history has a fond love for its hybrid culture of old-world charm and modern luxury and our shared coworking space in Kochi reflects just that.

The city has emerged as a perfect place for small- and mid-size companies to make their mark. Doesn’t matter if you have a business of 10 people or 100 people, IndiQube’s coworking space in Kochi would offer you a space to explore your idea and turn into a full-blown business. Our coworking spaces are designed to cater to your specific need, with our design team making sure that the space in which you work reflect your brand principles and beliefs. Our customized offerings are surely going to excite you and our prices would ensure that you get the best of experiences at a price you can afford. Nestled in the prime hotspot of Kochi’s Info Park, the brands renting the coworking space would not just get an innovative office space but also access to some of the biggest companies in the city.

What do you get with the IndiQube’s coworking office space in Kochi?

Offices are an extension of the brand’s identity. Companies that lead the industry tend to create one of the best office experiences. But what if you are able to do the same for your company? With IndiQube’s coworking office in Kochi, you don’t just get physical space with office equipment. Rather we help you create an employee experience that would help you stand out from your peers. We leverage a team of professional experience designers, architects and interior designers to leverage every ounce of space for an impeccable experience. Our love for technology allows us to create an experience that is based on optimization and efficiency. At our shared office spaces, clients get access to floor pantries, smart meeting rooms, a break-out zone, an executive lounge and more.

Back to the office in the new normal

IndiQube’s coworking spaces in Kochi adhere to social distancing norms and local guidelines. We are deeply committed to our efforts to support our member community and ensure that the health of employees working at IndiQube’s shared coworking space in Kochi is prioritized at the top.

What makes IndiQube companies’ go-to coworking space in Kochi?

Kochi is rapidly evolving as the new hotspot in the South, with new companies coming up every day and existing companies making an expansion move in the city. With hybrid working being the new normal, more and more companies are opting for a decentralized method, allowing employees to work from their region. All these factors combined together have allowed IndiQube to become a reliable partner for companies in their quest to have regional offices and multiple breakout working spaces within the city.

With our coworking spaces, companies have been able to target the emerging talent from tier two cities. Our trusted service across 100+ locations in 8 cities has given us the tag of reliability that has enabled companies like Myntra, Ola, Unacademy, upGrad, Standard Chartered, KPMG, EY, Zest, NAVI and many more to choose us as their coworking space provider. We take great pride in offering tailored made space and experience to our clients, making sure we are not only providing excellent space but a fulfilling experience.

Features that make IndiQube stand out from our competition

What helps a business stand apart for its employees? We at IndiQube believe that it’s the working experience for employees that help a company stand apart from the crowd. The office isn’t just bricks and mortars combined together to create a 3D space with desks and chairs. At IndiQube, we believe that it is the experience of working in an innovative and personalized space that makes a workplace into an office. Brands and businesses, today, focus extensively on providing a unique and impeccable employee experience and they seek a partner to achieve this goal.

We, at IndiQube, are a bunch of innovators and pathbreakers who will help you create a smart space that leverages technology, innovative design and most importantly your dream to create a personalized coworking space that suits you and your business. To ensure that we offer a complete experience package, we offer employee engagement & delight programs to our clients to provide a memorable office experience.

Our inclination to be a digital innovator has enabled us to optimize every inch of shared coworking space in Kochi. With our rental office space in Kochi, our clients get private cabins, training rooms, events space, enclosed cabins, and open seats.

How can you book IndiQube’s shared office space for rent in Kochi?

The steps are simple, select the location you like and enter the details. Our team of experts would get in touch with you to create a customized plan for your needs. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Book your IndiQube coworking office space now.