Calicut is one of the emerging places for technology hubs in India.

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IndiQube Vinayam Arcade

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Design and customize the office experience and book locations on demand.

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Features you get with IndiQube’s Shared office space in Calicut Talent Centric Location

IndiQube’s coworking space is placed right in the heart of the city.

Space That Fits You

Get customized, on-demand office space that fits your current headcount.

Superior Service

A seamless coworking experience designed to make your life easy.

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Smart transportation for enhanced connectivity.

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Create a workspace that promotes the innovative ideas.

Access & Innovation at ease: IndiQube’s Coworking office space in Calicut

Calicut is an emerging corporate hub with companies every day moving to this charming city to call it their new home. To meet the rising demand for coworking space in Calicut, IndiQube’s shared office in Calicut offers a perfect space to fulfil all the dreams you have for the next coworking office space in Calicut. Designed to match the business needs at a price you would like, our customized coworking space in Calicut provides facilities to startups, big corporations, and solopreneurs.

What do you get with the IndiQube’s shared office space in Calicut?

A fusion of the city’s culture and modern technology, IndiQube’s shared offices are not just physical spaces for you to work in. At our shared office in Calicut, we get our team of expert user experience designers and architects to assist your business to create a perfect employee experience. With IndiQube’s coworking office space in Calicut, you get floor pantries, a break-out zone, smart meeting rooms, an executive lounge and much more.

Features that make IndiQube stand out from our competition

At IndiQube, we believe that office isn’t just a physical space with desks and chairs but it is an experience. Companies focused on providing an impeccable employee experience understand the need of creating a holistic experience that excites their employees from the door. Our smart workspace management leveraged alongside technology and smart solutions allow us to create an experience that fits your business. Our employee engagement & delight programmes allow our clients to provide an impeccable employee experience.

Our focus on digitization has allowed us to optimize every bit of our coworking spaces in Calicut. We provide private cabins, training rooms, events space, enclosed cabins, and open seats. With a team of interior designers, we leverage innovative designs ideas that increase productivity for employees working out of our coworking office in Calicut.

How can you book IndiQube’s coworking space in Calicut?

The steps are simple, select the location you like and enter the details. Our team of experts would get in touch with you to create a customized plan for your needs. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Book your shared office space in Calicut now.