The city of royals which is home to new-age innovations.

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Why choose IndiQube?

Book as per need with planning on the go.

A complete and customized office space for teams of every size.

Innovative office space that meets your expectations and budget.

Features you get with IndiQube’s coworking space in Jaipur

Talent Centric Location
IndiQube’s coworking space is located in the posh neighborhood of Jaipur

Space That Fits You
Get customized, on-demand office space that fits your current and future headcount

Superior Service
A seamless office experience that elevates your employee experience

Exhibit Your Brand
Design office space that reflects your company identity and culture

Reach Office At Ease
Smart transportation for enhanced connectivity with central location for easy access

Future Focussed Workspace
Create a workspace that promotes the innovative ideas

Mocktail of history and future: IndiQube’s coworking space in Jaipur

The city of royals has history and heritage written all over it. Etched in the books of history, Jaipur has always been a cultural hotspot but being the capital city, it has also incubated innovation and given space to businesses to expand their wings. What was earlier known for its forts and palaces has also grown to be a top-tier 2 corporate hub in western India. To ensure that businesses and startups in Jaipur find an innovative workplace to enhance their business idea, IndiQube offers its innovative coworking space in the posh neighborhood of Malviya Nagar. Strategically placed to ensure ease of access and robust connectivity, IndiQube’s shared office space in Jaipur is a perfect fit for companies looking to show their innovation and brand.

What to expect with IndiQube’s coworking space in Jaipur?

Emerging as a popular corporate tier two city in India, Jaipur boasts a high appetite for innovation and new ventures. Every day the city witnesses companies trying to make it in the business world. To ensure these businesses find a perfect base, IndiQube offers customized office space in Jaipur that offers a blend of rich local heritage and IndiQube’s innovative design.

The posh and upcoming Malviya Nagar area is a breeding ground for growth. Popular as a commercial and business hotspot, the south Jaipur neighborhood is a perfect place for a company looking for a customized office setup that reflects its journey. Being a workspace startup ourselves in the past, we understand the needs of a new venture and with our managed office space in Jaipur, we ensure your business gets all it needs to thrive.

We cater to companies of all sizes. We don’t care if you are a team of 5 or 250, our coworking space is designed to cater to your specific needs. We believe that office space should reflect your brand and ensure that we fulfil our promise, we collaborate extensively with our clients to design a customized office space

What do you get with the IndiQube’s coworking office space in Jaipur?

We are not just a coworking space provider, we also provide integrated space. We integrate your business story with the physical office to create a unique experience. Our coworking space in Jaipur pivots around employee comfort and employee experience. We believe that nothing boosts productivity like natural light and open spaces, and we integrate these in our Jaipur office space to offer an innovative workplace solution. We collaborate with a team of expert experience designers and architects to fuse innovative design ideas in our coworking space in Jaipur. Situated in the heart of the industrial zone of the city, IndiQube’s coworking office in Jaipur is well connected and easy to reach, making it all the more employee-friendly.

Back to the office in the new normal

IndiQube’s coworking spaces in Jaipur adhere to social distancing norms and local guidelines. We are deeply committed to our efforts to support our member community and ensure that the health of employees working at IndiQube’s shared coworking space in Jaipur is prioritized at the top.

What makes IndiQube companies’ go-to coworking space in Jaipur?

The city of forts has been a popular spot in the country but while tourists flocked to the city for its heritage, the city has been enhancing its corporate setup behind the curtains. Since the pandemic which led to decentralization of the workforce, the city has emerged as a prospective corporate hub in Western India. Today, hundreds of companies work tirelessly to make a mark in the corporate world and the need for office space has grown exponentially. To ensure that companies expanding to tier two cities and new startups find a supportive office space in Jaipur, IndiQube has opened coworking space in South Jaipur. Filled with modern-day amenities and luxuries, our coworking space is perfect for companies who seek a customized workplace. Our tenants don’t just book the space but they also design it as per their needs, which is further boosted by the fusion with local culture. The blend of our innovation, your inputs and local heritage make our shared office space stand apart from the rest.

We have been the go-to partner for several companies including Ola, Unacademy, upGrad, Standard Chartered, KPMG, EY, Zest, NAVI and many more. We offer tailored made space and experience to our clients, making sure we not only provide excellent space but a fulfilling experience.

Features that make IndiQube stand out from our competition

Your office should not be just bricks and mortars with a name plastered at the top. At IndiQube, we believe that your workplace should be your biggest advertisement. Today, companies focus extensively on providing an impeccable employee experience and they require a partner to achieve this goal. We are an innovator which is reflected in our smart workspace management which leverages technology and smart solutions to create an experience that fits your business. We offer employee engagement & delight programs to our clients to provide a memorable office experience.

Our love for digital integration is reflected in our integrated workspaces that has allowed us to optimize every bit of our shared office spaces in Jaipur. With our rental office space in Jaipur, you get private cabins, training rooms, events space, enclosed cabins, and open seats. To make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for, we partner with architects and interior designers to create a top-notch coworking space in the city.

How can you book IndiQube’s shared office space for rent in Jaipur?

The steps are simple, select the location you like and enter the details. Our team of experts would get in touch with you to create a customized plan for your needs. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Book your IndiQube coworking office space now.